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Session F: August 21st – September 20th

The Life Cycle of Birds

Hatch chicks in your classroom!

Watch the embryos develop everyday and encourage chicks as they hatch. 

Care for your newly hatched baby chicks! Give them names and your to raise your fluffy friends


Watch your chicks develop inside their egg!!

Peak into your eggs using the provided “candling light” to watch your chicks come alive. 

Watch their bodies slowly grow!

Home to Roost

After the program all chicks are given to: private hobby farms, Amish/Mennonite communities and Indegenous communities across South-Western Ontario. 

People who have the land, the skillset and the heart to care for them. 

Beginner Friendly

Your hatch kit comes with:

  • A paperback week-by-week care booklet.
  • Follow-along video instructions to your inbox every Monday morning.
  • 24/7 emergency phone support with our team.

We are here to support you the entire way. 

How Does The Program Work?

Day 1

Chick hatching kit is dropped off at your school by Hatch&Learn. 

Days 1-21

You monitor the incubator each day until your chicks hatch

Days 21-30

Care for your chicks. We provide you with all the materials. 

Day 30

Hatch&Learn picks up your chicks + the hatching kit.

What's Included With The Program?

   Rental Kit Contains:

  • Everything you need to hatch and raise your chicks
  • Activities with lesson plans to boost what students learn during the program
  • Egg Candling Light
    • Watch your chicks grow inside their eggs!
  • Drop-off + Pick-up of the kit.

  • A paperback guide laying out week-by-week instructions
  • Follow-along video instructions to your inbox each week
  • 24/7 emergency phone support



On Day 9 we ask teachers to confirm that their eggs are showing signs of development.

If NONE of your eggs seem to be maturing:

We’ll replace them with eggs at the correct stage of development. 

This way your group remains on schedule with everyone else. 

This service is totally FREE.  

Happy hatching!


We are so sure your eggs we’ll hatch that we are willing to bet the farm. 

If the eggs you receive after redeeming your hatch insurance don’t hatch:

We’ll refund you 100% the cost of the program.

Not only that:

We’ll deliver baby chicks to you on that day they are supposed to hatch. 

This way your students still get the fun of raising chicks



YES, we have ducks!!

But not too many of them. 

When you book a chick hatching program you are automatically entered into a raffle to upgrade your chick kit into a duckling kit. 

If you win, you can accept the upgrade for a small $25 fee.

Why the fee? Duck eggs take an extra 7 days to hatch. Meaning we have to begin incubating them 1 week before to keep you on track with the cohort. 

Registration Is OPEN

2023/2024 School Year Sessions

Session E:

Delivery: Tuesday July 3, 2024

Pickup: Thursday August 1, 2024

Session F:

Delivery: Wednesday August 21, 2024

Pickup: Friday September 20, 2024

Fees & Payments

Fees & Payment

$300 + HST

Payment in full including security deposit is required to secure booking. 

Methods of payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cheque

Security Deposit

Incubator – $125 per incubator

Security deposits will be returned upon the return of the chicks, all unhatched eggs, and complete, undamaged incubator and kit. Incubators and kits will not be delivered without full payment plus security deposit.

Kit Delivery and Pick-up

All kits are delivered and picked-up by Hatch&Learn.

Kits will only be delivered to schools or daycares facilities and these facilities must be within the service range below. We do not accommodate alternate delivery locations.

Delivery & pick-up dates, will occur within the weeks indicated in the session. The exact date for deliveries will be decided after driving routes are determined. Clients will be notified in advance as to the date and delivery window after it is determined by our office. We will not be able to accommodate any preferred dates or times.

Service Range

We serve most the the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and the surrounding area

Toronto (West of 427)




Caledon Township


Erin Township




Halton Hills Township






Waterloo (City of)

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellations must be made by email and responded to by Hatch&Learn in order to be valid. If a cancellation request is not responded to, it was not received by our office. Refunds will be made in accordance with the schedule below.

Time of request – Up to 31 days before drop-off 

– 100% REFUND minus $25 Admin Fee per rental kit

30 to 10 days prior to session drop-off date – 50% REFUND minus $25 Admin Fee per rental kit

Cancellations made less than 9 days before session drop-off date – no refund 

Refunds or credits are not given for poor hatches or out-of-pocket expenses.

Referral Program

Invite a Friend

Get a free Duckling Upgrade.

If a friend of yours books a program with us;

We’ll upgrade your chick kit to a duckling kit

For Free🤝

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Our Hatch program is for schools and daycares in our listed service range only.

Advance full payment for the program required to reserve an incubator and kit.